To design and produce documents reliably and efficiently, it requires understanding the Power of Language. Being in this ever-expanding horizon of the desktop publishing industry, Edutech has made this prerequisite its strongest point. Read More

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At Edutech a symbiotic relationship exists between all the teams, enabling the teams to work in reliance to each other.

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Modern Multilingual Desktop Publishing has grown in leaps and bounds along with technology. It is much different from its humble counterpart desktop publishing. Multilingual Desktop Publishing is not just about eye catching contents and layouts, but also involves the more serious business of localization. The main objective is to create documents similar to its original.

As a Multilingual Desktop Publishing company, Edutech is challenged with many constraints, as different languages and fonts are involved. Some fonts may occupy more space, while others are read from right to left and some languages pose the problem of increased word count. In the scenario of Publishing manuals and user guides, clients insist on page to page mapping with the original. Only a proficient Multilingual Desktop Publishing like Edutech can handle all these issues with élan, based on experience.

To meet the growing demands of the Multilingual Desktop Publishing industry Edutech has in place, a structured and highly graded team of qualified professionals with expertise in their relevant field of work. Each team is equipped with state of the art machines and technologies to derive optimum results from the very talented and skilled professionals. Edutech ensures to provide a healthy work environment, challenging the employees to surpass themselves to deliver the best. The company promotes a culture, conducive to the growth of its employees. At Edutech a symbiotic relationship exists between all the teams, enabling the teams to work in reliance with each other. Time bound, high calibre deliverables of Edutech are the results of consorted efforts of its various teams.

Once Edutech receives the source file and the translated file, it is subjected to various processes before it is finally delivered as a PDF to the client. Edutech's quality team works parallel with its other different teams to ascertain high quality standards laid out by Edutech which is to be fulfilled at every step.

International languages have accented characters which have to be depicted consistently throughout the target file. Edutech has a team of committed, sincere and rightly qualified proof readers. Our proof readers work diligently to maintain consistency and weed out all possible typographical errors. Proof readers at Edutech comprehend the responsibility they shoulder, as any error will heavily impact the entire process.

Each language is associated with its own set of typographical rules which are essential to be followed in Multilingual Desktop Publishing. Typesetting has a vital role to play in the entire Multilingual Desktop Publishing process, as it reflects the efficiency and competency of the company. In simple terms it determines the success or failure of Edutech's publishables. Edutech has handpicked the best talent in the industry and augmented it with Adobe's complete suite of software's like Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Framemaker and Adobe Pagemaker to furnish print ready documents. Edutech guarantees guarantees delivery of accurate and impeccable documents to its customers.

Edutech guarantees guarantees delivery of accurate and impeccable documents to its customers.

Quality Assurance and Quality Checking team at Edutech, work in tandem with each other to build a bridge of trust and confidence with our international customers. They are the reason for the trust reposed in Edutech by our global customers. Quality Assurance team understands that cultural insensitivity, misrepresentation of characters and ineptly integrated files are all blotches on Edutech's image.