To design and produce documents reliably and efficiently, it requires understanding the Power of Language. Being in this ever-expanding horizon of the desktop publishing industry, Edutech has made this prerequisite its strongest point. Read More

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Experience has taught Edutech that Multilingual Desktop Publishing is no mean task and definitely not a one man's show.

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It determines the rise or fall in the sales graph. Edutech believes Multilingual Desktop Publishing is instrumental in maintaining uniformity of products in terms of looks and language all over the world. Thus a product sold at one extreme of the globe will look, feel and read the same at the other extreme of the globe. When a product is launched globally, the magic wand of Multilingual Desktop Publishing will ensure that even a buyer in Timbuktu will be able to use it correctly.

Experience has taught Edutech that Multilingual Desktop Publishing is no mean task and definitely not a one man's show. It calls for dedicated and a well-coordinated team work of the highest order. The sensitive nature of this industry makes Edutech tread cautiously when it has to strengthen its workforce. Edutech believes in handpicking the best and nothing but the best in the industry. The qualities Edutech looks for in an individual who wishes to be part of this challenging industry are:

  • Commitment
  • Tenacity
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Hardworking
  • Zeal and Enthusiasm

Edutech handles very sensitive information during the course of Multilingual Desktop Publishing. Any accidental leakage of information could irreversibly jeopardise the prospects of the customers. To avoid unfortunate situations, Edutech makes it mandatory for its employees to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Edutech expects its employees to strictly and unwaveringly comply with the rules and regulations laid out in this agreement.

Edutech has in place a very rigorous process for choosing the right candidate. The candidate must be mentally prepared to go through many levels of filtering. Edutech provides in house training for its new recruits to familiarize them with Edutech's work practices, principles and intricacies of Multilingual Desktop Publishing.

The applicant is to be adequately qualified in the relevant field of application. The applicant is required to substantiate with physical proofs of Degree Certificate, Specialization certificates if any, letters of experience from previous employers etc. Edutech looks forward to having a long and fruitful working relationship with its employers. Only those aspirants who are committed and wish to grow parallel with the company need apply.

Interested candidates can also directly email their profile along with relevant proofs and attachments to The profiles will be maintained in our database. As and when requirements arise our HR personnel will get in touch with the most suitable candidates to schedule interviews.

For professionals looking for a stimulating, challenging and satisfying career, Edutech is the place to be in. Edutech provides a fertile base for the germinating minds to nurture and witness walloping success in their career. So come, be a part of the Edutech family. Some of the postings offered by Edutech are in the fields as listed below: