To design and produce documents reliably and efficiently, it requires understanding the Power of Language. Being in this ever-expanding horizon of the desktop publishing industry, Edutech has made this prerequisite its strongest point. Read More

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Edutech has adopted the holistic route to quality management by integrating all the quality topologies into one comprehensive Quality Management System.

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The key principles of quality are customer satisfaction, error free work standards and delivering what is promised in conformance to the customer's specifications. To meet all these quality requirements the need of the hour is:

Right team: The right team with the right qualifications, right expertise and experience adds a whole new dimension to the project. A team that understands the nitty-gritty's of the work, handles pressure and capable of thinking 'out of the box' is the yardstick Edutech uses while setting up the teams. This justifies the success Edutech has witnessed in this field.

Technological superiority: When everything is technologically driven, technological excellence in the field of operations is imperative. Edutech has sourced the best technologies available in the market to take care of all its Multilingual Desktop Publishing needs to obtain optimum excellence in its deliverables.

Quality Management System: An integrated, comprehensive Quality Management System is in operation at Edutech. The guidelines set for each and every department to ensure quality requisites are well implemented and are well accounted.

Process Flow: The process work flow is clear and precise for all the processes involved to ensure that the consolidated effort is well rewarded in terms of guaranteed customer satisfaction.