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Edutech has adopted the holistic route to quality management by integrating all the quality topologies into one comprehensive Quality Management System.

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Quality assurance can be briefly defined as constant supervision of the project as it passes through various stages of processing to ensure quality standards laid out by Edutech. The QA team identifies and rectifies stumbling blocks which hamper the quality of the product.

QA is a tall task. It requires circumspection and diligence to ascertain the final layout is identical to the original in all aspects. To avoid omissions and commissions that are bound to occur, Edutech has in place a well conceptualized 'Quality Standard Check List' for its QA team to be scrupulously followed.

Edutech has assimilated a check list which is an enumeration of many checks encapsulating all aspects of checking like punctuations, titles, updating cross references, graphs, logos, numbering, indexes, fonts, paper size, alignment, tables, pictures, localization of graphs etc... This ensures that all minute details are taken care.

Edutech's Quality Assurance guarantees professionalism, productivity and establishes trust in the global market.